Saturday, March 26, 2011

Taking a Quick Break!

LITERALLY! Oh geez! So the boypiece had a bit of an emergency at work, yesterday. He called me around noon and said "I think I may have just broken my hand!". I said, "uh, wait, what would make you think that?". "Well I hit it and now it's swelling, and I'm pretty sure I bent it all the way'll call the doctor and call you back".

Oh yeah, that's comforting! So twenty minutes later, he calls to tell me he's made a 2 o'clock appointment (why rush, right?) and he's gonna clean up and drive to the doctor's office.

Sure enough, it's a break. A nasty little one on his Metacarpal (??) bone. He was drilling with an 8 foot drill bit, from the attic - down through the wall. He had both hands on the drill, one at the trigger with the other as support against the powerful torque.

And then the drill bit got stuck.

And in a split second, he let go of the trigger causing the drill to continue spinning. When it did, it caught the ring finger on his left hand and took it with it....spinning around....backwards.

He felt it snap and instantly went into shock. He ripped off his work glove and thought for sure he had dislocated it.

So he tried to pop it back in. Ouch!

It wasn't dislocated. It was broken. 

After several hours of being given the run-around, we ended up at the clinic near my house. (This is after he drove himself the 30 miles home.) The doctors there told us they didn't even have an Orthopedic Surgeon at their location. So we'd have to wait until Monday. They put it in a splint and made an appointment.

Most likely, they will need to reposition it (read: OUCH) and put a pin in it before putting it in a cast. Poor guy. Luckily, the splint is keeping it nice and still and he's not in much pain.

I have never broken or fractured a bone, so I have no idea what it feels like. But every time he started showing the doctor how it happened, I started to feel dizzy. LOL!

Have you ever broken a bone? 
If so, how long did it take you to heal?

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  1. Oh no! Poor him. I hope everything will be fine with his hand. Have a nice Tuesday, sweetie

  2. Oh no! I've never broken anything ever either, so I'd be totally shocked!

  3. I've never broken anything either :( based on his experience so far, I can say I hope to NEVER break anything!


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