Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Couple of Big Announcements!

First -- You can WIN every item in this treasury!

The fPOE (female photographers of Etsy) team has put together a wonderful treasury full of items and you can win every single one. All you need to do to enter is comment on the treasury. Click here to comment! My Dandy Pouf print is included and I'm super excited!

Second -- My LittleGrayFox shop will be featured on Heartsy this Sunday! I'm offering a limited number of deals to buyers, so get in quick! You can purchase a voucher from Heartsy for $10 to get $25 worth of items in my shop. Pretty cool! If you're not already a member of Heartsy, you can easily sign up with your Facebook account. Check it out at

And this is the final reminder...tomorrow is the Crafty Challenge deadline! The theme is "In like a lion; out like a lamb". Create your entry using any crafty medium you choose: Sketch, photo, sculpt, sew...whatever you want!

P.S. I got my tiny people from Poland! I've already started taking fun photos -- check out my Bacon Memorial (bacon-y version of the Lincoln Memorial)!

Happy Thursday!


  1. lol thats such a cute picture!! thanks for all the links, hadnt heard of heartsy before!!

  2. thanks! and watch out..that Heartsy can be addicting! I've bought 4 deals already!

  3. Hi it's Christa :) I can't wait to get my Heartsy order from you!
    Thanks for the deal!


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