Friday, April 8, 2011

For Those Who Are Interested

I won a contest on the Etsy Blog Team blog, yesterday. It was for the "Most Clickable" button. It's quite an honor as I never was added to that part of the high school yearbook. {Most likeable, likely to succeed, etc.}

My blog button is very simple and clean. And it really was easy to create. However, I cannot take all the credit. I had someone else create my shop logo. In creating the logo, she also chose the font to go along with it.

That person is Maru Stephens of Pronta! {yes, like the scarf I just won}

She's a very sweet gal and she will soon have a design shop on etsy under the name of Maru Stephens Design. She currently has a shop selling her awesome pronta scarfs at

If you want help with a logo or design, I HIGHLY recommend her! You can contact her at

P.S. Two posts in one day? Work must be slow!


  1. Congratulations! =) I'm getting a button made by a friend right now. I really love yours! So simple, but cute too!


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