Friday, April 8, 2011

Fun Stuff Friday!

So I had a little fun online last week! I went a bit nuts with Heartsy deals and couldn't resist buying some stuff. I also played a bit on and Ebay. Well we finally checked our mail yesterday and it was packed full of boxes -- FOR ME! Woohoo!

It was like Christmas!

Here's the fun stuff I got:

My first Heartsy deal I bought was from Hi-Tree. Her stuff is SO adorable. I just couldn't resist!

The next Heartsy deal was great! It was from Collage-O-Rama. They were offering a discount plus they had a "buy 3, get 1 free" going on in their shop. So I got EIGHT prints! (P.S. They're still offering the +1 deal)

You guys know how I like to take pics of tiny things, right? Well I decided to buy myself some toys for future shoots.

I finally bought myself a Domo! It's yellow, flocked and poseable!!

Then I got this hilarious set of Paparazzi miniatures! I can't wait to use these in my Peeps shoots!

Last, but certainly not least, I received my prize from the Pronta giveaway.

My very own Pronta scarf! Isn't it gorgeous?! It's so hard to choose just one when you're in Maru's Etsy shop. But you can also choose any color combo you can think of and do a custom order. I think I'm gonna buy something super summery...maybe this one!

Have you received any fun packages, recently?

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  1. Fun indeed. No packages lately but went to the goodwill and brought home some treasures (i'll post next week)

    Happy Friday


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