Monday, April 4, 2011

Lazy Weekend

Poor Greg really can't get around much with his broken hand. I never thought it would be so restricting, I mean, it's not like it's his leg! But because he has to keep his hand elevated at all times and his sling keeps it level, he really can't do much beyond sitting on the couch.

He's definitely going stir crazy! So I took him out this weekend for a trip to the dog park. Well, we took Ui, too! She is so incredibly anti-social; she's a freak! As soon as we entered the gate, she started jumping on us to try to get up and away from the other dogs and their curious noses.

But we made her stay down and interact. Which she really didn't do much of. It was also a completely muddy mess thanks to our recent "spring" weather! And she is too much of a diva to enjoy playing in the mud!

Needless to say, the trip didn't last long. Which was alright by Greg, since his hand had started throbbing after the first few minutes. Total bummer.

I did take some video but YouTube doesn't seem to want to process it. So all I can share right now are a few pics of the trip TO the dog park. She just had to snuggle up on the pillow to be closer to him. But on the ride home, she was so muddy, she was stuck in the back, whining the entire way.

Poor, Ui

Did you get out and about this weekend?


  1. My goofy dog jumps up on top of the picnic table at our dog park and looks down on the other dogs... ha!

  2. we are still working on the socialization aspect, when our dog sees other dogs, he lays down on his back and tolls... odd, looks like you all had a good time!

  3. My big dog, Katie, definitely wasn't socialized properly. When I've tried taking her to the dog park, she ignores all the dogs and approaches the people. Either that, or she'll go off far away from the dogs and explore. Usually, she'll be foaming at the mouth from saliva build up. So I'm sure she's a nervous wreck. Poor, baby!

  4. Sometimes I wish that my two dogs would be a bit shy...haha....They are totally crazy when it comes to playing. She is sooo cute. I love that last photo...awww
    Happy Tuesday, sweetie

  5. aw. cute photos. :) dog park days are the best, unfortunately, lola isn't the friendliest at times.


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