Thursday, April 7, 2011


I just clicked on Etsy's front page in time to see this:

Hmmm. Someone out there is going to get a lot of extra clicks! LOL

How very random :)

Wanna share something random? Post it below! It's one of those kinda days!

Happy Thursday!


  1. wow that is strange... I like to eat potatoes.

  2. mmm, potatoes!

    I ate 1/2 a of black slug when I was 2

  3. Is the "weird things I ate" edition?

    Wild boar is delyshus!

  4. LOL Oh the front page! Speaking of potatoes and eating--I tried putting a baked potato in a sandwich today just because and it was so good.

  5. haha I'd love to see a photo of that! sounds like it'd be very difficult to eat...unless you have a large mouth..or a small baked potato!


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