Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy Tuesday!

Wow! What a week! I can't believe how quickly this month has flown by. And although it's only Tuesday, I feel like the week should be over already! I think last week's horrific traffic commute just sent me over the edge. It seemed like we couldn't catch a break, morning or night, even when it was supposed to be a "light" commute. Grrr. Luckily, this week doesn't seem so bad, so far.

I woke up early Saturday morning to meet the trainer. He kicked my butt, moving me up in weights and different routines! After the gym, I headed home to do yardwork -- for five hours straight! Ugh! My back was so sore! My arms, my shoulders, my legs, my butt...it all hurt!

So Sunday morning I decided to take a yoga class and then a swim! Yoga really helped my low back pain. My muscles were still sore as heck, but at least my back wasn't bugging me for a whole day!

Monday, I had my chiropractic appointment. He did an adjustment and for the first time, it actually hurt! :( boo! It wasn't so bad at the time. But then I went back to work and about 30 minutes later I became stiff and sore in my neck and shoulders.

Luckily, my trainer had me doing all legs for last night's routine. But still, I hate having odd pains that shouldn't be there. It's a little better now and will hopefully be gone by tomorrow.

Anyway....I'm glad I got out in the yard. It was worth the pain! I pulled SO many weeds and dead plants. We also planted new flowers and got a few potted plants for the hangers out front. It looks so pretty!

How was your weekend?


  1. wow. you had one intense weekend. i like how you were so sore that instead of taking it easy and resting you did yoga & swam :) that's totally my style of recuperating too. sorry about your stiffness/pain - hope that goes away quick.

    & love these photos. the tones are lovely.

  2. thanks! I'm feeling much better now! I'm such a little gym rat lately!

  3. Wow..you had a busy weekend and Im so sorry about the pain! Hope you will feel better soon sweetie and I love your plants. So pretty! Kisses and make sure to relax tonight! Muah

    Ps: I’m hosting a great sportswear GIVEAWAY today! Perfect for morning yoga practice!


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