Monday, May 30, 2011

{Long} Weekend Wrap-Up

It was a nice and relaxing weekend. Like most holiday weekends, I stayed close to home. I hate fighting traffic and crowds!

I kicked off my weekend with an 8am gym session with my trainer. Hello? Am I crazy!?!? The bulk of the day was spent {finally} working on crafts and doing laundry. Then later in the evening, I went to a 70th birthday party that I was hired to photograph. It was such a fun party! And a very late night!


Turned into this...

On Sunday, the BP and I went to a family BBQ. The weather cooperated, although it wasn't as warm as Saturday. My family expanded their chicken coop to give them more room to roam. So the hens and rooster were milling about instead of hiding inside.

Today will be filled with more relaxing, another training session and some tennis with the BP. Ahhh.

I imagine this work week will be incredibly stressful as there are a lot of changes happening. Ugh. But I'm sure I"ll make it through -- *fingers crossed*

Did you do anything fun this weekend?


  1. i love the chicken photos! & the brooch is too cute. i prefer early a.m. gym sessions, helps me to be more productive somehow.

  2. I've tried but I just can't drag myself out of bed earlier than 6am on a weekday! If I did am workouts I'd have to wake up at 4:30!


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