Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

Well, this is my last day off and tomorrow it's back to work! BOoooooOOoo! :)

I'm trying to finish catching up on as much as I can. I just finished updating my Fox Fine Foto shop on Etsy with the rest of my prints. Thinking I need to get some more printed so there aren't too many of the same. But that'll have to wait a bit.

I also need to take a quick trip to the post office to finish mailing out all my Etsy orders. But I need to figure out some packaging first. Note to Self: when creating a new product, think about how you'll package it in advance! My elephant head brooch is so oddly shaped, I'm having a tough time figuring that out!

Plus, I need to edit more of the photos I took over the weekend. Have you seen what I posted, so far?

When that's finished, I'll need to balance my checkbook and pay my bills. Oh and then there's the laundry!

What a fun day off, eh? hehe

What are you doing this fine Tuesday?


  1. i've been ALL over NJ today - and it's only 2:20 .... I gotta stop by ur etsy shop NOW

  2. I Can't Wait for you to ne back ! Your job is too hard for meeee.

    Hope yer enjoying this sun.

  3. i just finished paying bills. no fun. i guess i should do laundry too.
    hope you find a good packaging style for the elephant! sounds complicated. maybe a felt pouch? i don't know. sigh :D

  4. thanks! I went with a plastic container I had for some giant pushpins. The box I had it in before was smushing his trunk!

  5. Sounds like a busy day, darling...Im off to check out your prints! Hugs and kisses

    Ps: I’m hosting a beautiful dress GIVEAWAY today! Just in time for summer!


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