Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

Happy Tuesday!! The weatherman swears we're gonna have sun-filled skies for the next few days. He had better be right! I really need to schedule some photo shoots before the end of the school year. My poor senior class kids haven't had enough opportunities with daylight this year!

I decided to make this Tuesday's Tidbits a little flashback to some of my favorite blog posts (from my own blog -- is that incredibly narcissistic??!?)
I figured some of my newer followers may not have gone back that far :)

So here we go! Enjoy!

Everybody Fist Pump!: I finally came up with a plan to revamp my body and my craft biz for 2011

Just Call Me Rod Stewart: I'm so lame!

Halloween at the Office: Pics from our office decorating contest...we did CSI!

Wanna See My Man's Junk?: Just showing one of the boypiece's many talents!

6 Degrees of Makin' Bacon!: I loved this photoshoot!

Holy SH#T I'm Pushing 40!: Wanna see me whine about getting older?

Father's Day Weekend: My cute grandpa poses with Rachel Bacon :)

What are your favorite posts (on your blog)? Feel free to share them in the comments below! 


  1. Love the title about your man's junk. Love the mirrors too!

  2. haha thanks! It definitely raised some eyebrows!

  3. haha just your post titles crack me up!

    ps - rich marriot better not be effing around this time!


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