Monday, May 16, 2011

What is Your Favorite Color Combo?

Currently, I'm loving me some Teal + Tangerine :)


In the Winter, I love Aqua + Cream.

Do you have a current favorite color combo?


  1. isn't it cute! I just found a tangerine tank and a cropped teal cardi so it's my new favorite outfit :)

  2. that is unusual...but it works. One of my all time faves in navy with beige/cream

  3. Hmm, my favorite is pastel green and orange. I remember I used to like blue and yellow more than 10 years ago but really got tired of it :) It is easy to explain the shifts in color liking, having in mind that each color has a different psychological effect on us.

  4. I have both of those colors in my wardrobe! Love it!

  5. hmm. my favorite combo is eggplant & chartreuse. with maybe a bit-o-chocolate brown.

    i love the two colors you chose. so pretty.


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