Thursday, July 28, 2011

Comment Issues With Blogger

Are you having trouble commenting on your favorite blogs, lately? And by lately, I mean for the past couple of months!

I've changed my commenting feature to no longer embed. That should have solved the problem with commenting on my blog.

However, I've still been having trouble commenting on other blogs I follow.

Well, I just now found out how to fix that! :)

So if you're commenting using Google and it takes you to the login page when you try to post your comment  -- UNcheck the box for "stay signed in"

That should re-direct you back to the comment page and allow you to complete the post.

Good luck!


  1. If you are using internet explorer as your browser that might be the problem. I use google chrome. A while ago I helped someone with this problem and told her to try a different browser, she did and it worked.

  2. True. I have firefox on my home computers. But at work, it's IE. And we can't add or download anything to the computers. So I'm stuck with it :(

  3. Ahh I see....sorry that you are stuck with it at work. :(

  4. no worries now that i have the fix :) you'd think a biz would want firefox..meh!

  5. Do you have any suggestions on how I deal with the HTML gadgets not working? I havent been able to add my favorite blog's buttons to my sidebar because of this. It refuses to save >=T

  6. Ya, commenting on blogger is a beast--not quite as bad as commenting on tumblr--but I wish everyone just used whatever LJ uses for commenting, because sometimes it's a nightmare trying to get a simple comment in!

  7. @Kitty, I dont know why that would be. Have you tried visiting blogger's help forums? if you search for "broken html" or "widget issue" you might find an answer :) good luck!


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