Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Falling From The Sky

{photo by nosha on flickr}
A bumble bee just landed on my head while I sat in my car, on the phone! It landed on my head. I swiped at it, thinking it was a leaf.

It didn't move. So I swiped again.

Then it fell into the pocket of my door and stayed a while.

I opened the door and got out while I watched it climb out, clumsily, onto my driver's seat.

It waddled in circles until it got tired. After lying there a bit, I decided to help it get out. So I pushed it off my chair and it tumbled down to the ground then waddled away.

As I stepped back, I nearly missed squashing another bumble bee walking on the ground.

What's up with the lazy bees this summer? This makes the 5th and 6th encounter I've had with them near my office building. Maybe they sprayed?


  1. That was really nice of you! Poor addled bumble bees.

  2. i found two more today. so odd. maybe our late summer has made them sleepy :)


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