Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Five - At Random

{slutty barbie - found at the dollar store}

1. I have no fashion sense. Not really. I've always secretly wished I could be one of those girls able to look at a rack of clothing and put together a bunch of cute outfits. I can't do that. I barely know what colors compliment each other. It might be because...

2. I never played with Barbie dolls. I've been an animal lover from day one. My toys were Pound Puppies, My Little Pony and Transformers, because...

3. I've always been a tomboy. As a child, I loved climbing trees, catching tadpoles, playing in forts and riding my bike down a hill that we called The Devil's Drop, until...

4. I had a nasty spill while mountain biking about 10 years ago. It required 7 stitches in my chin. I was a mess. I held my face together while my ex-boyfriend rode home to get the car. That was a crazy time since I was one week away from getting medical insurance at my new company, which is why...

5. I will never be uninsured again. I don't care the cost. I don't like the risk of not having insurance when I need it most. It's expensive, but I think it's worth it. I'm 37 and I have medical + dental + life + car + pet insurance.

What's your random five?


  1. Barbie didn't teach me a thing about colors, except that certain shades of pink are garish together.

    I'm with you on the insurance! I've never been totally without, but my old insurance was only medical with a WAY high deductible. So dental, vision, etc was all out of pocket. Oof.

  2. You mean hot pink and salmon pink don't go together? =P

  3. whoa now scandalous barbie!
    i've always been a mix of tomboy/jock/nerd/artsy/& a bit girly. hah.


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