Friday, July 29, 2011

Little Geeky Fox

After much trial and error...

and head-scratching...

I have finally created my own QR code with my little fox logo in the middle. (well, only his head!)

If you have a QR/barcode scanner on your smartphone, you can snap a pic of this and it will take you to my website! Now, I've only been able to test it with a few different scanners, but they've all worked for me!

Have you made yourself a QR code? Or were you thinking about it?

I tried a few different code generators before finally settling on ZXING.

Here are a few helpful tips:

I gave a try, and it wasn't bad. It will actually upload a pic to the center of the code! The only downside was when someone scans it, it goes thru's site before taking them to your final link spot. So it's like a built in advertisment. The upside is, you can add more than a link to your code. You can have it point to your email, your contact info, or any message you want to add.

If you create your QR code using ZXing, you have the option of choosing different sizes. I chose the largest so I an always shrink it later, if I choose.

With ZXing, when generating the code, you can even change the colors or make them graident! I played with colors a bit but finally decided on basic black and white.

If you want to add a logo or message into your code to help with branding, it's very easy to do using any photo editing software that allows layering. I have PSP7 and Photoshop. I actually did it quickly in PSP7!

You just need to remember that the three corner squares cannot be messed with. You canrotate the code if you need to...just don't cover up those squares. (see below)

Play around with how much space you can remove. It took me about 5 tries until I was comfortable with how large the white space in the center would be. Just keep scanning it with your reader to test it out.

Resize your logo (or text, whatever you use) and add the layer in your blank space.

Now you can print it, add it to your business cards, clothing, websites or pretty much anywhere you can imagine!

Show me your codes!! :)


  1. That is so cool! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hmm, that information just may come in really handy! Thanks!

  3. Oh my, I never heard of that!! I feel utterly old now!
    I downloaded a barcode scanner to my iPhone right away to check it out and yes - I was directed to your etsy shop.

    Have to learn about it now, I feel absolutely outdated....

  4. haha don't feel too bad. I haven't been "in the know" for very long!

  5. Hi Tsuki, thank you for mentioning ! The page you see when you scan the code before landing on the destination page is what we call a "bridge". Since we redirect the user to your desired URL or content we need something like a "loading" page so that people don't think the link isn't working... anyway we're here to help if you need tips or support: you can follow us on Twitter as @uqrme or drop us a line at support (at) uqr (dot) me. Thanks again!

  6. Thank you! I am just learning about QR codes! Very fascinated! Maybe stop by my blog!


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