Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Urban Craft Uprising

I checked out Seattle's Urban Craft Uprising summer show over the weekend. I showed up right as the doors opened on Sunday. What is usually a long wait ended up being a simple entry into the show. I guess Sundays are the good days if you don't want a huge crowd! We even made it in time to receive the free swag bag!

I spent a little birthday money and spoiled myself!

What probably stood out the most was the lack of a huge crowd (unlike the last few UCU shows I've been to). Another thing was the addition of several new vendors! That was a great perk as it seems to be the ones over and over each time. Not only that, but the new vendors were some great talents! {Bracelets from recycled camera parts? Why yes! I will drool over that, thank you!}

I only wish I had a little extra to spend. But thanks to my bank card being canceled last week (due to Michaels' crafts security breach), I was low on cash :(

I picked up a super cute rainbow-haired unicorn brooch from Devout Dolls. I grabbed a 4-pack of pins from LaRu (her artwork is adorable!). I couldn't resist the cute popsicle magnets from Schmancy. And I picked up a pack of my favorite suckers from This Charming Candy

I also bought some stuff from new vendors:

2 cards from Laura George {including this one}

2 cards from Anna Todaro {I LOVE her colors!}

and a wooden unicorn brooch from Sweetium
{Isn't he so cute!?!?}

Have you been to any awesome craft shows, lately?

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  1. This looks so fun! And I love all your purchases. So cute. :) I haven't been to a craft fair in forever but this makes me want to find one soon.



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