Monday, August 22, 2011

August Break | Chevron on Canvas

Here's a super-quick, little tutorial for you.

Make your own tiny piece of art on mini-canvas.

You can pick these up at any craft store for just a few bucks a pack - canvas + mini-easel

Supplies needed:
  • mini canvas
  • scotch tape
  • acrylic paints
  • paintbrush (or sponge brush)

Use tape to outline your pattern

Paint over empty space with chosen colors

Let it dry

Peel off the tape and enjoy your new piece of art!

And for a quick tip...I like to re-use plastic water bottles for my paint water :)


  1. This is so cool! Thank you, sweetie. Totally going to try it:) Happy Tuesday. Muah

  2. Such a good idea. I have been thinking of putting some wall art up in my apt. I might do something like this.

  3. ohhhhh. why had i never thought about the water bottles?! genius. & i love the outcome of the chevron. :D great idea.


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