Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August Break | Total Exhaustion

Some days you're the fishmonger...

Other days, you're the fish

It has been a rough couple of weeks at work. :(

Between business picking up, being understaffed, learning a new system, working out its bugs and MOVING the office...I'm falling behind.

My workload is piling up while I spend all day talking to the IT department, trying to figure out why nothing will work.

It's frustrating.

And exhausting.

My brain is officially FRIED! And it's only Tuesday!

How is your week treating you?


  1. Doing a little catch up....love the chevron painting and especially the plastic water bottle tip. Hope your toe is feeling better and I'm sorry work is so frustrating right now. There is something out techincal hiccups that can make me crazy!

  2. thank you thank you :) it's all slowly getting better

  3. oh. i hope things are going better now. almost the weekend!! :D


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