Thursday, August 18, 2011

August Break | Wh-Otter You Doing?

I'm going to add to my comment earlier this week... I want a pet seahorse AND pet otters! They're SOOO CUTE!! :)


  1. When I was a kid my parents owned a Scuba Dive shop in Gig Harbor and they had a big salt water tank with Sea Horses . They were so magical.

  2. my fave toy when i was a kid at my grandma's house was an otter on its back playing with a starfish. i just found it last week and it brought back such memories. love your photos! :)

  3. I really do think the next place I move into will have a little tank and a couple of seahorses. I just need to research them more...see what else they can swim with :)

  4. I love otters, these are great!!


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