Tuesday, August 9, 2011

August Break | It's Just A Little Sketchy

I've loved to draw ever since I was a kid. It started as scribbles; then messy scratches. Eventually, things started to take shape, literally, and resembled real-life things.

I had a job in a hospital kitchen, once. We had a huge whiteboard in back and one in the cafeteria. Every day, I was responsible for drawing a little cartoon that corresponded with the day's specials.

In the back, I'd make a comic strip with characters from our kitchen staff and random vendors.

I really loved it!

One day, I was approched by a rubber stamp maker to make some drawings for stamps. This was back in the old days, kids. Before everyone had an iPod and a home PC. Rubber stamps were made on old-school systems that scanned in the drawings. They had to be perfect ink lines or the machine wouldn't register them.

So each drawing was done over and over until every line was perfect. A simple drawing would end up taking me at least 14 different versions and several hours to compelte.

And I would be paid $10 per drawing with no rights to the picture.

I quickly became uninterested in drawing. I didn't doodle or sketch for about 4 years! Not even on a cocktail napkin!

In the past 5 years or so, I've gotten back into it. And now I turn it into embroidery, usually just writing ideas then "sketching" them out in thread. I've recently tried making patterns. I think I'm slowly starting to love drawing, again.

Now my problem is deciding whether or not I prefer to draw cutesy things or realistic and pretty things. I think I like both. But I've never studied art, so I suppose I never came into my own specific style. Maybe that will come later...


  1. I also love to draw . . I draw on everything. I studied English Literature at University, mainly because I didn't want to take a year out to do a foundation art course before I could study Fine art at University. . and it is one of my biggest regrets.

  2. I say there's no problem with drawing both cutesy things and realistic--when you think about it, drawing one style only helps you draw in the other and visa verse.

  3. So happy you are getting in touch with that creative part of you and sketching after what sounds like a really long break. I love your fox sketches!

  4. Thanks for the support, ladies! I guess I'm most confused when it comes to my shop. I love seeing etsy shops of illustrators and designers, but they each seem to have a very cohesive style. So I wonder if my shop would look like a mess with a mix of the cute and realistic/fancy. So far, it's mainly just cutesy :)

  5. I totally understand bc I have two different kinds of jewelry in my shop and it drives me crazy. But what matters most is that you enjoy what you do. You could always open another shop if it really bothers you. Glad you are enjoying it now!


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