Monday, September 19, 2011

Food Truck Rodeo Round-Up!

On Saturday, the boypiece and I ate our way through Seattle's Mobile Food Truck Rodeo.

It was delicious!

{NOT on the menu!}

{delicious curry}

{oh good! I prefer my burgers to be free of sh*t!}

{hungry man}

{long lines!}

{maximus minimus}

{the coveted mini-donuts}

{seriously, we waited in line 45 minutes for these treats!}

{it was a little chilly}

{but us Seattlites are always prepared with hoods!}
{I loved the hay bale seating}

How was your weekend?!


  1. ohhh. the mini donuts!!! yumm.

  2. On behalf of the mobile food rodeo, we would like to thank everybody that came out to the event! We are going to take everybody's suggestions and make next year even better. Catch you around next time



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