Monday, October 31, 2011

Guess Who Won My Super Huge Giveaway

Was it you?

The winner was chosen via's number generator.

The winning entry was number 12.

And the 12th comment was:

So CONGRATULATIONS! You have won my Super Huge Giveaway! I will be contacting you shortly for mailing address info. And your goodies will soon be on its way! Not only did you win the original 6 prizes and the additional booklet, since another 10 entries were made, you will win an additional top secret prize! Woo Hoo!

A Super Huge Thank You goes out to everyone who entered! As a special gift for everyone else who entered or wanted to enter, I'm offering a limited time discount in both of my etsy shops.

Use the code SUPER25 to take 25% off any order in either my LittleGrayFox or FoxFineFoto shop, from now until this Sunday.


  1. I am so excited! Thank you for this lovely opportunity! I can't wait.


    itssimplelove @ live dot com

  2. Ohh I missed it....Congrats to Rachael:) Kisses and hugs, darling.


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