Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday and Some Etsy Faves

It's finally Friday! What a crazy work week! I've have 94 hours on this paycheck and 95 on my last one, phew!

I've got my first full week of vacation in 3 years starting on Monday! I'm not going anywhere. I'm just using the time to take care of things I can't do during my normal work get my emissions test, get a tune up, go to the dentist, etc.

I also hope to use the time to fill up my Etsy shop! I don't think I'll be posting many behind-the-scene photos, though. I dropped my iPhone into my water glass last night and now I'm trying to dry it in rice. *fingers crossed!*

Being without my phone for a few days will be rough. I sure will miss those Angry Birds! =P But I can still get my fix from some fabulous iPhone-related Etsy products. Ahhhhh, thanks, Etsy!

Victorian Filigree Case by CWestbrookDesigns

Chevron Natural Bamboo Case by SaltyandSweet

Cedar Iphone dock by woodtec
Angry Bird case by LittleLoveHM

Apple iPhone felt case by Vintage Treasuries

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Great finds! That wooden case is amazing!

  2. That filigree detailed case is so beautiful...I wish I had an iphone so I could use the case lol.


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