Friday, December 23, 2011

The Holiday List!

This is my last post before Xmas. I plan to spend the rest of my time wrapping presents and watching fun holiday films!

I've been listening to holiday tunes all week, thanks to Pandora! It certainly helps get me through the incredibly stressful days at work!  I have a few favorites that I absolutely love to hear, and it's pretty specific to the artist or version.

The quick list of my favorite holiday tunes are:

Merry Christmas from the Family - by Jill Sobule
All I Want For Christmas (is you) - by Mariah Carey
Blue Christmas - by Elvis
Last Christmas - by Wham!
Winter Wonderland - by The Eurythmics (I LOVE Annie Lennox!)

My favorite holiday movies are all comedies, naturally! My most favorite that I watch every year is National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Probably the best part is when Clark is breaking down, gulping back egg nog and saying "It's good, it's good, it's good". Hilarious!

I also love:

Elf - Zooey is so cute and Will is perfect in this!
Scrooged - because I adore Bill Murray
Love Actually - I'm a sucker for Hugh Grant movies
The Nightmare Before Christmas - LOVE Tim Burton films!

What are your xmastime faves?

Are you needing some last minute gift ideas? Check out my Holiday DIY posts for some inspiration!

*~* Happy Holidays! *~*

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  1. Just finished watching Love actually which is one of my Holiday favorites.

    Merry Christmas


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