Monday, December 5, 2011

Walkin' In An Urban Craft Wonderland

(Title edited to avoid any confusion with the actual "Crafty Wonderland" show)

I've got great news -- my phone still works! Yay for cat-like reflexes! I dried it out just in time to head off to the Urban Craft Uprising craft show this weekend. There were SO many fabulous vendors, and several new ones. I'm going to share links to my faves, but first, some pics from my almost-dead iPhone!

You've got to get up pretty early in the morning to get a UCU swag bag! I jumped in line at 9am -- the doors opened at 11am! Kelli was meeting me there, so I brought my Courtney Love doll to hold her place in line.

Courtney Love doll is so accommodating!

With swag bags in hand, we slowly made our way down each crowded aisle. There were so many people! But there were also so many amazing vendors, so it made up for it. My claustrophobia didn't kick in, so that's a plus!

Tragedy struck when Kelli was eaten by one of Moxie's felted monsters! ZOMG! It's okay, I saved her from the belly of the beast. She made it out relatively unharmed.

And here is the token Seattle tourist shot -- the Elephant Car Wash sign (one of my faves)

It was a lot of fun! And I bought more presents for myself than others. But...I think I deserved it =P

Here are just a few of my fave vendors from the show:

Ugly Baby - hilarious shower art! I have several pieces. This time I bought a roller skating unicorn pin :)
Schmancy - always full of good stuff! I bought an adorable felt hedgehog brooch
Cake Spy - I've been a fan of her unicorns and cupcakes for years. I can never restrain myself from buying something cute from her table
Moxie - ahhh her felted creations are so amazing! I can't make a simple felted acorn without stabbing myself 20 times! This time, she had led-lit felted pendants. AMAZING! She truly is a felting genius.
Thea Starr -  gorgeous kanzashi flowers on headbands and hair clips
LaRu - I finally bought myself one of her adorable foxy necklaces :)
Imps and Monsters - now I HAVE to upgrade my iPhone so I can get one of his fabulous iPhone 4 cases!
Moss Handmade - simply beautiful! And teeny tiny flowers...adorable!
Chet and Dot - these Portlanders have the cutest shop ever! I couldn't believe their prices were so low! I told them they needed a real store!!
Fernworks - I can't even begin to describe the beauty in her pieces. Unfortunately, the pics she has online really don't do them justice. You just have to see it with your own eyes and feel the texture. Just stunning work! I hope she's at the next show!

There were a bunch more that I couldn't get enough of. But this list should help get you started with your Xmas gift buying ;)

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