Friday, January 20, 2012

Seattle's Arctic Blast 2012 - Instagram Style

Well it looks like Seattle is finally getting beyond the winter blast! Of course, with all the power outages and ice storms, now we have possible flooding to look forward to!

I stopped measuring the snow when it went above my ruler. I didn't have a yardstick. Darn! So I know we got just over a foot -- a record in all my years of living here!

I hated not being able to go into the office. I worked remotely from home and it was so sloooooow. It was too frustrating to enjoy!

So it was back to work today. And tonight I'll be shoveling the snow from the storm drain to prevent flooding the streets.

Here are a few (and by few, I mean several!) Instagram shots of the progression of the "Arctic Blast" (don't you just love all the names the news people give storms?)

Hope you are all safe and warm! Have a great weekend!

our little igloo disappeared under 5 more inches!

slowly creeping up


  1. Gorgeous pictures. Most of our family still lives in the Seattle area(we moved to E. Wash 2 1/2 years ago) and we've been talking back in fourth about how bad the ice has been. It all looks so pretty. Not something you get to see in that area too often.

  2. yeah I live up in the everett/snohomish area so we had more snow than ice. It's certainly not the norm. I've lived here all my life (minus 2 years in hawaii) and I've never had so much snow. but definitely that ice is what gets people. It's not like the midwest or places where it's all snow no ice...there's something tricky under there just waiting to make you slide! haha

  3. Wow I love these shots--there's something so silent and lovely about snow in the wintertime.

  4. Great photos. I did not know you were so close to me. We braved the snow for a walk or two but I am not one to brave driving in it.

  5. I have studded tires and I still didn't want to drive much! I went out in it on Monday and Tuesday, just drove to the park and ride. But I realized there are too many bad drivers on the road to risk being matter how well my truck can handle it ;)


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