Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Staying Motivated in 2012 / Update to My GCL Plans


Last year I vowed to start a new habit I called "GCL" which stands for gym-craft-list. (check out this post if you missed it). I didn't quite achieve my goals as planned. I did pretty well for about 6 months until I dropped out completely.

So this year, I plan to change it just a bit. I'm not going to go the route of a personal trainer at the gym. Although I would definitely say it was worth the money I spent and I learned a lot from him. I just know I don't have the time to commit to that workout schedule again.

I'm planning to make this year's goal to train for my first 10k run to take place in October. I have never loved to run. And since discovering my asthma last year, it may be a bit of a struggle. But with that goal in mind, instead of inches or pounds, I know I'll end up healthy and in shape.

For my shop plans, I definitely did well with the goals I had set. I don't plan to craft and list 3 days a week. I just know I won't have time. Work has been a killer since June and it doesn't appear to be letting up. So my realistic goal is to get my photography shop moved over to the new name/format, do more to promote my craft shop and list a new item each week.

It may not sound like much but with my schedule, I know it'll be tough, yet do-able :)


I have other goals for myself which are to pay off my debt and save money. Oddly enough, I think those will be the easiest to accomplish. Eating right and getting in shape seem to be a real struggle! I also happen to be quite good at procrastination! So my new mantra is "I won't stand in my own way!". Anytime I start to make an excuse for myself, I will repeat those words to remind myself of where I want to end up.


Here's to a new year and a new mindset!


  1. Love Love Love that last quote.


  2. Perfect inspiration for me today....

    I will be running a 12K this April and as I had said I don't run, jog, or walk for that matter but it all changes in 2012. Stealing the quotes btw.

  3. I have been exercising for 2.5 years and its a habit. But I have never been able to master the eating part!


  4. Bella - that's a huge goal especially being so soon! Good luck on staying motivated and getting there. I look forward to reading about your journey to the finish line! :)

    Tia- the exercise I can do when I make the time for it. The eating SUCKS! I think you're better at it than for the nightly ice cream dish ;) but chocolate and candy are my hardest habits to break!


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