Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Trains And Tubes

We had a very low-key NYE. We met some friends for a fabulous dinner at a local Tapas restaurant. Then it was back home for some couch time and a movie. Pretty sure we were in bed by 11pm. Although the local illegal fireworks displays kept me up past midnight.

Our lack of drunken debauchery was due to the fact that we planned to be up and on the road early the next morning. We figured while others were sleeping in and nursing their hangovers, the mountain passes and slopes would be wide open!

So we grabbed our inner tubes and headed east to play in the snow!

We found a couple of good slopes to slide down. And I had so much winter gear from my car's emergency roadside kit that I actually got TOO HOT while out in the snow. Go figure.

After playing in the powder, we took my niece to the local railway museum that I had visited last year. All-in-all, it was a fun day! We made it home just around 4pm with plenty of time to sit and relax.

Ahhhhh... How was your New Years Eve?

P.s. I've decided to give the photo365 challenge another shot (har har) this year. Instead of posting daily on my photoblog, I've downloaded the project365 app for my phone. I figured it'll be easier to keep up with and I can post my entries as a collage instead of a daily pic. We'll see how long I can keep it going. Wish me luck!!


  1. Sadly I was one of those nursing a hangover except I was nursing it at work. I had an awesome NYE though. For the past few years I was in NYC for every new year's eve and I either didn't have a good time or I was too cold to care about what I was doing. This year I decided that we were staying home and having friends over. So I drank with friends and had intellectual conversations. It was an awesome time.

    p.s. that snow looks awesome. I wish we had some here in Charlottesville, VA

  2. ooh nursing it at work is the worst! I'm glad you had a great night, though! I'm definitely OVER the party hard mode, especially on NYE when there are too many others doing it. I love a quiet dinner with friends, some good wine and great conversation. Beats a drunken stupor any old day ;)


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