Thursday, March 1, 2012

Post Your Crafty Blitz Challenge Entry!

Time's up! I hope you had enough time to complete your challenge entry project :) Just post a link to your project photo using the Linky Tool below! It can be on Facebook, Flickr, your own blog, etc.  Then just sit back and let everyone be amazed by your talents! :)

If you missed the original post, here's a list of what participants had to include in their entry piece.

I had a lot of fun creating mine! I hope you enjoyed crafting along! Click on the links below to visit the original posts and view the entries in full size :) (links will open in a new window)


  1. Cute- I love this! -Tia

  2. it's so cute! you put LOTS of birds on it. :)

    Here's mine:

    This was so fun! Can't wait for the next one.

  3. thanks, Tia!

    @ Kelli - I LOVE it!!! Fabulous!


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