Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sunny Days in Seattle

Last weekend we had two days of straight sunshine and temps close to 60f. We're back to rain now, but it was a welcome change.

I went outside on both days and took pics of the things Seattle people do when the sun comes out...

We sprawl out on the concrete to warm both sides

fremont sunday market

We stand in long lines for the big blockbusters (crazy, Seattlites!)

hunger games @ ballard theatre

We pig out on good food

savory treat from PIE

We pig out on yummy desserts

french macarons

We visit local shops to buy fun things

portage bay goods

We visit tourist attractions and pretend we've never been there before

ballard locks

What does your city do when the sun comes out?


  1. What I would do for a macaron right now! Mmm. Also, those uni-corn holders are cute. hehe

  2. I saw plenty of people wearing shorts in Seattle this weekend. I mean, I know the sun is out, but on least one day, it was only 49 degrees! Silly Seattlites!

    (You can see how I spent my sunny Seattle weekend at my blog, http://c-creativity.blogspot.com)

  3. I saw so many shorts AND flipflops! 58 degrees is not yet warm enough for my toes to be exposed!

  4. Bethany, the store I found those at had a whole section for unicorn items. It was pretty rad

  5. We took the ferry to Bainbridge, just for the hell of it and because we'd never been there before. then we took the looong way back, and saw a whole bunch of eagles.

    i love it when the sun is out! (oh and we totally saw the hunger games on sunday, but showing up 10 mins after it starts = no lines. mwa haha )

  6. also, when i saw your FB status about fremont i was totally thinking "she should go to pie..."

  7. ooh sounds like you had a fun weekend! I think I'll be stopping by Pie EVERY time I go to fremont

  8. yay for sunny days. those macarons look amazing, i have yet to try one.


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