Thursday, May 17, 2012

Blogging Tips: Check Your Stats

I know I haven't been keeping up with the blog posts lately, so maybe I'm not the person to be giving tips about blogging! But I'm gonna give you some pointers any way ;)

Check your blog stats

It's good to know what content people are looking for when they find your blog. The Search Keywords of your stats report will give you top keywords used to find your pages. These are broken down by day/week/month and all-time.

Here's an example of some keywords used to find my blog posts:

I'm not sure I've ever posted about a bear and a bunny in front of a tv. But I'm sure I have featured some artwork or Etsy finds that included bears and bunnies. I wonder what they would be watching. Probably The Dog Whisperer on NatGEO

I'm sure this one had to do with my post about boob cookies. But the person entering the keywords below must've been disappointed not to find any watercolors on my blog.

The only thing I can guess about this reader is that they are very determined. When their first search came up empty, they realized they had mistyped. Alas, once they used their spellcheck, they still ended up on my blog with no chicken butts to be found!

Now for the technical stuff. If you are using blogger, you can check your stats via the Blogger Dashboard. Click on the little menu icon and scroll down to "Stats"

This will take you to the main Stats page. See up in the right hand corner? You can change the views based on these options.

Click on Traffic Sources and it will bring up a list of Referring URLs (the specific page that brought someone here), Referring Sites (the website where they came from) and at the bottom are your Search Keywords

You might notice how a lot of my hits are from Craftgawker and Pinterest. Once I started tracking how my first few posts were doing, I decided to put all my tutorials on Craftgawker. I also added the Pin It button to the DIY blog posts. 

See how helpful the info can be? Maybe once you start tracking your stats, you can figure out which websites are helping to boost your views. :)

Do you check your stats often? What is the silliest or strangest keyword you've seen pop up?


  1. I check my stats weekly. It is exciting to see how many views we've received. It was strange to have site views from a dental url. We don't have much to do with teeth!

    1. I love using the location feature to see where they are coming from throughout the world!

  2. My strangest keyword was voodoo :-) Don't think the person in question was looking for a way to block crochet stars :-) from my post!

    1. haha it's like a bad Bing search, never exactly what you're looking for!

  3. How I wish I had such funny ways of people finding my blog. Sadly mine are always straight forward search finds. I check my stats weekly just to see which posts have been visited and see what people like reading about!

    1. its definitely a handy feature! I check my google analytics as well


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