Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Garden Ninjas | Quick DIY

Here's a quick and fun tutorial for making your own wooden ninjas! This would be a great project for older kids, too! 

The supply list is pretty small. You'll need some acrylic paints, small paint brushes, wood doll pieces and some imagination!

I found my wooden toy pieces on sale! They are in the unfinished wood aisle at your local craft store, next to the wooden dowels and letters.
Using your acrylics and a small brush, paint simple ninja outfits and be sure to leave room for a mask or the face.

Finish adding details, like eyes and clothing. I've even added a little sword on one of the ninjas :)

Now it's time to put your ninjas to work for a fun photoshoot! My ninjas are keepers of the garden. But you could put them in any situation -- they're ninjas! They can handle anything!

Ninjas get along with most animals. However, you'll want to be sure to watch over them and keep them away from hungry dogs*!

Photoshoots are tough work and can really take a lot out of your ninjas. After you're done, they might need some time to relax and take a nap. 

Treat your ninjas well and they will be your fearless protectors for life! :)

* no ninjas were harmed during this tutorial


  1. They're so cute! Oh, wait, ninja's are fierce right? They look really intimidating :-)

  2. Very fun, especially the last picture of the fiercely napping ninja with the dog!

  3. Couldn't you use wine corks?

    1. sure you could :) you'll probably need a few coats to get better coverage

  4. So fun! Love these. Have you heard about our Craftastic Competition? I'd love for you to enter in it! Lots of prizes to be won too!

  5. these are definitely choking hazards!!! anything that can drop through a toilet paper roll should not be in the house with babies or toddlers up to 3 years old--

  6. these are great! my five year old daughter has been playing ninja with her friends, so im making these for her as a stocking stuffer. i love that shes going to get girl ninjas!!

  7. how cute!!! and your pics w/ them in flowers and such is so funny!!! so glad you included a girl ninja b/c my daughter wants to do EVERYTHING big brother does. making these for them for Christmas! thanks for sharing!!

  8. sympa et ça mfait penser,ayant une petite fille,que ça peut etre détourné en kokheshi aussi,enfin jpense,la forme m y a fait penser en tout cas.
    bonne journée


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