Saturday, July 28, 2012

Craft Room Storage Ideas

Currently, my "craft room" is the dining area just off my living room and kitchen. It is lined with a 6 foot and an 8 foot folding table. One office chair rolls easily across the wood floor. A sewing machine sits on a small sewing table (both dusty from lack of use) and a bookshelf full of miscellaneous crafts sits in the corner. Underneath and on top of the tables are all of my bits and bobs.


I think my storage problem comes from the fact that I have too many different types of craft materials. I love to sew by hand, I like working with felt, I have paints, beads, yarn, ribbon, thread, foam, stamps, fabric, polymer clay and all the little crafty things in between.

Basically, it's chaos.


And to add to my storage woes, the room is all windows -- no wall space! So I can't make the cute, funky, hanging craft storage pieces. Underneath the tables, everything is stored in plastic bins. On top, it's just scattered about.


Searching for craft room inspiration on Pinterest just leaves me longing for a cute country home with lots of natural light and plenty of money to spend on organizational pieces!

So here's my cry for organizational help -- with specifics!

My current craft mess!
ahhhh messy!!

Seriously?! It's like I'm a hoarder!

How do you store your supply of:

craft felt
wool felt
embroidery hoops
paint and paint supplies
washi tape
jewelry findings
craft books
scrapbook paper
shipping supplies
finished crafts for sale
polymer clay
glue, mod podge, scissors, pliers
craft glitter and flocking powder
stamps and paper punches

Hopefully, the next place we move to will have wall space so I can have even more options! :)


  1. Your desk sort of looks like my desk! I have a walk-in closet that I store most of my supplies.I also bought these shelves from Lowes and put them underneath my tables where I store supplies.

    1. ooh I need more shelves. the one tiny bookshelf doesn't hold much!

  2. I had loads of little things scattered around my room (I bake at the weekends and buy pieces for birthdays and Christmases well in advance so there's always a lot of stuff lingering around) so I went out just after Christmas and bought a bunch of patterned gift boxes left over from the festive season that were reduced by 60%, they're not overly festive themed and they're a decent size so now I have pretty boxes dotted around holding all the mini things!

    Now I just need to find a way to sort out the amount of paper I collect XD

    1. haha yeah my biggest mess seems to be fabric and felt! I don't even use it that much - it lasts pretty long since my projects are so small. I just always end up impulse shopping instead of using what I have!

  3. Bins? And more bins? haha Bins, baskets, drawers, cans.. Baskets would be good for thread and tape.. bins for felt and fabric..

    1. yeah I definitely think I need some baskets. I have one thing of plastic rolling drawers but it's so cheap it doesn't open easily. I think I may have to hit up that STorables store this weekend

  4. My craft room is an utter disaster. I so need some inspiration and these photos are perfect!

    1. I totally want to have a craft closet or at least a cool craft desk in an armoire, one day!

  5. unless you have a ton of washi tape, a smaller sized paper towel roll holder (or similar thing) would be good to hold all the rolls. And that way you can either rip off a piece as you need it, or just lift off the roll.

    pill caddys are great for holding jewelery findings, and small beads in general. and you can get them from 4 to a set all the way up to 12 or 14 spaces, and they lock closed!

    unless you're wanting to resell the craft books, I tend to take out the specific projects I want / love, and put them in page protectors, and have specific binders for each supply (yarns, felts, beads, etc)

    and unless the glitters and flocking powders are in their own shaker style container, you can put them into a shaker container (salt and pepper, grated cheese like container) and that way, they dispense as well as store. and when you're done for the day, put a piece of saran wrap under the screw on lid, to protect from spills

    hope they're some good ideas for storage! :)

    Liz from Canada

    1. My grandma started giving me the plastic containers for her Intuition razor blades. I can use that for something, I'm sure!

      Thank you for the ideas! I love the binder idea. I went to the thrift store today and scored some pretty cool wood pieces. I'll be spray painting all weekend and hopefully turning them into cute storage pieces :)

  6. What I would give for more windows in my craft room! I hate the yellow light in my tiny room. Plus it's also the guest bedroom so there is a big bed in there! Sigh. I feel your pain. The only tip I have is to put up a big piece of pegboard (I painted mine teal). You might have to go with a smaller piece b/c of the windows, but it really helps! I hang all of my jewelry tools, scissors, adhesives, etc.

    1. ooh yeah i could put a skinny piece between the two windows in the corner. thanks! The one drawback of the place we'll be moving into is there are NO windows in my future craft room. I'll have to get real creative with lighting :)


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