Monday, July 9, 2012

Foxy Friends: HandyMaiden

I'm bringing sexy Etsy {seller Q&A} back. I'm excited to share my new Etsy seller feature posts with you; it's been a while! I'm renaming the feature as "Foxy Friends" so it can expand beyond just Etsy sellers as there is just too much talent out there to limit it to one marketplace!

To kickoff this series, let me introduce you to Danielle of HandyMaiden. If you spend hours each day scanning Etsy treasuries and other sellers' favorites pages, chances are you've seen many items from Danielle's shop! Danielle is a fellow clayer (using polymer clay) who creates the most adorable, miniature hand-painted animals. Read below to find out more about her awesome shop!

Why don't you start by telling the readers a little bit about yourself.

My name is Danielle Pedersen and I'm the heart and hands behind HandyMaiden. I keep finches, many of which I hand raised from hatching. I love the handmade movement, reading, hanging out with my husband, eating spicy food and (on rare occasions) sitting around time.

In regards to your shop items, do you have a particular animal that is your favorite to make?

My favorite animals to make are usually the ones I haven't made before, though one can't go wrong with a lemur :)

Describe your studio...

My husband also works from home and we share an office/studio space. My half of the room consists of a giant desk that is usually a mess of works in progress, twigs, shells, bits of nature, paints, tools and supplies.

How soon after you started creating did you decide to turn your craft into a business?

I've painted and worked on various craft projects all my life. I've had an Etsy shop since June 30 2009, but it wasn't until the end of 2010 that I started taking it seriously and made the decision to pursue my art as a career rather than a hobby. 

Panda Pocket Totem {buy here}

What else do you like to do when you're not working on your crafts?

I spend the vast majority of time working on my Etsy shop, and I'm preparing to open another shop soon. When I'm not working I'm usually playing chess, reading, enjoying nature, leading a very social Etsy team, or thinking about work. (I'm obsessed!)

What made you decide on your shop name?

[Actual exchange with my husband]
ME: (sitting at the computer) What should I name my shop?
HIM: Handymaiden.
ME: Alright.

Squeecosystems {buy here}

What is the most difficult and your most favorite part of crafting as a business?

Most difficult: Not enough hours in the day or hands. I have to plan my time really well or I'd get behind very quickly. There is little room for dillydallying or sick days.

Favorite: When I know the customer is happy, wearing a necklace or carrying a pocket totem around their hometown.

What is your favorite:

Scent?  Anything by
(Beach Day and Orange Blossom are my summer faves)

Movie? Being There (1979)


Guilty pleasure? morning talk radio (Shhh... don't tell anyone.)

Lastly, do you have any advice for fellow crafters/entrepreneurs just starting out?

a) Read the Etsy Merchandising Desk articles and figure out how you can fit some of those themes in to your work in a way that is both unique and fun for you.

b) Join teams and make friends! Teams are an excellent source of knowledge and great at promoting each other.

c) Be a fair employer to yourself. Don't price too low just because your competition is underpricing or because you're afraid nobody would pay a fair price for your work. There are going to be customers that are looking for a cheap deal, but there are also customers that will recognize and pay more for quality work and talent.
Thank you so much, Danielle!
Shop HandyMaiden on Etsy, here:

Be sure to check out the next Foxy Friends installment, next week!


  1. I love her work. She's been a long time favorite of mine. Thanks for the great feature!

    1. mine, too! She's been on my favorites list for so long, I just finally had to know more :)

  2. Oh my word those are so cute!

    1. Tsuki aka LittleGrayFoxJuly 9, 2012 at 6:39 PM

      aren't they great? too much cute stuff to just choose one!

  3. Popping in to say thank you for the feature and the kind words. I'm looking forward to seeing more of this series!

  4. Such a great post! Thanks for sharing!

    Newest follower ♡

  5. These are super cute items! Perfect for gifts.


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