Sunday, July 1, 2012

Terminal Can Be Such An Ugly Word

Some of you may recall a recent post where I mentioned my Grandpa's continuing battle with cancer. 

Grandpa in happier times

It was a six year battle that he lost two short weeks ago. It had started in his prostrate but wasn't contained. More recently, he was struggling with breathing because the cancer had moved to both of his lungs. And there was nothing the doctors could do.

Grandpa with Grandma and my niece at her graduation

My brave, strong grandpa didn't like sitting around feeling weak and helpless. He wasn't comfortable with everyone staring at him not knowing what to do. He just wanted to enjoy his family and friends as he always had.

young Grandpa Jack and family

I'll always remember him full of life and strong as ever. He was a brick mason, a tavern owner, a backyard mechanic and an all-around awesome dude. Once, he turned an old school bus into a motor home. And he worked on cars well into his 70s.  He even fixed up and gave me my first car - a cherry red Ford Pinto :)

Grandpa and my mom - long ago

I'll miss him so very much. But I'm glad he's no longer suffering. His quality of life had severely diminished in the past couple of months. 

One thing my grandpa really enjoyed was "Tea Time". It was his time to have some drinks and spend time with his loved ones. He always had beer in the fridge and knew I liked it. This shot of Rainier was one of the last times I had a relaxing drink with him

Cheers, Grandpa. I love you! 


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