Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Foxy Friends: IrenkaR

You may or may not already know that I love working with polymer clay. Although, over the past couple of years, my childhood love of embroidery has filled my Etsy shop. Polymer clay was the first medium I tried when I started crafting as a hobby. I especially enjoy making miniature food pieces. But I am constantly amazed by so many fabulous clay artists out there. I recently stumbled upon Irina Rybak's work on Etsy. It is so detailed and adorable, and so beyond anything I could ever create with clay. So today's foxy friend feature is dedicated to Irina and her gorgeous work. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

{little girl brooch}
Irina is an economist who learned how to sew and knit from her mother. She took up an interest in polymer clay two years ago when she bought some for her daughter. She quickly fell in love with it and now shares the claying hobby with her daughter.

{fox brooch}
mermaid brooch

Irina's work is whimsical and cute but also intricate in it's details of textures and patterns. She loves working with bright prints and different materials such as lace, fabric and beads.

Irina's tip for other Etsy sellers: Do what you like and do it well!

You can find more of Irina's work here on Etsy:
And check out her blog:
Also on Facebook:


  1. love it - DO what u like and DO it well - so perfect!

  2. Oh wow that fox brooch is the BEST.

  3. What a pleasure! Thank you for posting my funny little brooches!


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