Friday, August 10, 2012

Week in Instagram

3 days off + the weekend made for a very nice week. It didn't hurt that the weather ended up being gorgeous -- if a little too hot for me! But living just 5 minutes from a lake/beach made it bearable.

the view from the sand

After all the fun in the sun - we headed around the lake to the seafood restaurant. It was such a gorgeous night for outdoor dining.

the view from the restaurant

the view from my chair

I spent several hours going through different thrift stores, trying hard to find some new craft storage. I scored this super cute "fruit stand" shelf. It fits my rubber stamps perfectly!

We cooled down with some yummy treats!

And then it was back to work

I'm not sure if karma is kicking my butt for enjoying all that time off, or if the hot weather kicked my allergies into high gear. Either way, I came back to work fully congested and with a sore throat. So I made some labels for the hand sanitizers at the office.

it's okay, he's here to protect us!

How was your week? Can you believe summer is almost over?!


  1. Down Under, Winter is almost finished! Yay!
    Hope you feel better soon.

    1. Thanks :) I'm trying all different types of cold remedies, so I hope one will work!

      I've never been to Australia (always wanted to go!) but I'm sure summers are gorgeous down there!


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