Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Foxy Friends: Group Two

It's getting chillier around here! The rain has come back to remind us that summer is most definitely over and gone! The nighttime temps are dipping down, leaving frosty sidewalks and lawns for us early-risers. Time to bundle up and keep warm!

I'm bundling up some Foxy Friends for you as well! Here is Group #2 of many! (Group #1 can be found here) Please be sure to click & visit each shop/blog, etc to find more info on each Foxy Friend!

A bit of sun:  Hello! We are Natalie & Jeremy of The Sunshine Grove. We have an obsession with vintage and wood; specifically Mid Century vintage and wood we can repurpose to make something new. Our favorite days are those that include finding awesome treasures at estate sales, equally awesome wood on the side of the road, taking our dogs for a hike and that end with a good book to read. Having a garden right outside is great for fresh veggies to eat. Nothing is better than using carrots and spinach from our garden, especially when we are having breakfast for dinner.

We started selling on Etsy last August and have since taken our vintage and crafts on the road to shows in Anaheim. In fact, the name of our shop The Sunshine Grove represents the orange groves that once thrived in Anaheim. Becoming involved with craft shows has allowed us to meet different people in our community and become involved with community events as well as learning more about the history of where we live.

We made the decision to turn our passion for vintage and wood crafting into a business after discovering Etsy while planning our wedding. Most of the vintage finds in our shop are Mid Century Modern designs which fit in perfectly with the Mad Men craze. The bright colors and unique shapes make MCM vintage visually appealing to our customers. Our wood designs capture not only the visual but also touch and smell. At craft shows people love to touch the pieces we have on display and feel the different grains of wood. Many also pick pieces up and smell them; they catch the scent of wood and a hint of orange oil which we use to treat the wood. 

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A little birdy told me:  I started selling under the name Fancy Dodo last year. I started collaging comic and magazine images onto bottle caps in college because they were two things I had in abundance. I occasionally upcycle other objects but my friends fell in love with my earrings so they became my primary product. The common thread with my items is that I take things that would otherwise be extinct and re-purpose them to be fancy again. Hence, Fancy Dodo.

I'm mostly inspired by my Nana who gracefully multi-tasked on many creative projects - making jam, painting, sewing costumes and holiday dresses for her grandchildren, and putting on family dinners for 30. I try to organize myself to stay on top of all of my hobbies like she did but my room proves otherwise.

I'm originally from Boston and have spent my first year away from home living in LA. I blog, run my etsy shop, and work for an internet start up, Sewcratic Inc. My other passion is sewing so I'm fortunate enough to get to pursue it as my career!

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All about the Joie:  Hi my name is Joyce and I am the owner and creator of my store Joie Joelle Creations. I am a spiritual consultant that does psychic readings as a full time profession. I have been a consulting professionally for 15 years but I have been doing readings for 25 years total. I also have a teaching credential and have taught grades K-8 but I have found that my true calling has always been my spiritual path. Hence, this is why I work as a psychic reader and have a shop here on Etsy.

Joie Joelle Creations was created to help people manifest the positive in their life. In today's society we are are so stressed with every day activities that it can be difficult to focus on creating the positive. It's so easy to shift into the negative thinking and feeling because its what we are used to dealing with in most situations. However, it doesn't have to be that way. My products are spell candles and spell oils. All products are 100% naturally made and I use pure essential oils and natural herbs to create that positive energy in my products. There are also healing stones in my candles to give that extra boost of positivity when doing a full spell. I believe the more we work with naturally made products, the more we can be connected to the earth and universal energies. Being connected to those universal energies can help us feel more empowered. This help us focus more on the positive in our life. With my products, my goal is to help you get that positive lift that you are looking for in your life.

All my products are blessed by the universal energies of God, Spirit guides, Angels and Archangels. I do not consider myself a witch. But I do study every day to enhance my products to give that positive lift we all need in today's stressful lives. I want to bring that healing energy into this world more. Please come by my store and take a look around, you may just find a product that speaks to you. Sending love and light, happiness and blessings to all.

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