Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Holiday Shopping

I know everyone says it, but I really can't believe the holidays are here already! 

Seriously, how do they sneak up on me




It's bananas!

We're doing our (newish) traditional trek up to the Orcas Islands for Thanksgiving. I can't wait for the quiet relaxation! Although I'll miss my Katie-pooch, I know she's in good hands with the dog sitter.

Even though I'll be away, out of range, and completely unable to jump on the early holiday shopping sales, I'm not ignoring the importance of it all!

So both of my Etsy shops are having Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales!


From free shipping to 10% off, I feel like a tall elf with roundish ears :)

Did I mention that both of my shops now accept Etsy Gift Cards -- AND -- you can use Direct Checkout with your credit card instead of PayPal?!

Isn't that cool? I think it's cool. Especially cuz it took me a bit to figure it all out. So... pat on the back for me!

Anyway -- here are the links to my Etsy shops. I've started the sales early since I won't be around over the weekend. But they will both end on Tuesday!

Little Foto Fox (photography shop)

Little Gray Fox (crafty shop)

Do you have an Etsy shop that is offering a sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday? If so, please leave links and info in the comments so everyone can shop around!


  1. wonderful!!

    Im also doing a 20% discount for Black Friday on hand stamped personalized jewelry! Sale starts Thanksgiving and gos for 3 days!


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