Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cubicle Decor

My office cubbie mate and I have decided our beige cubicle is drab. Drab. DRAB!

And very blah.

So we're decorating with a color theme for each new month. But since we can't go balls-to-the-wall with decor (because it's still a professional office!) we're doing some subtle changes.

For January, we had a New Years party color theme - black and gold with touches of pink

For February, we'll have some white with red pops of color. But we're not gonna go crazy with the hearts. We still have a couple weeks to work out the details. But I've got my eye on some Pinterest projects to try.

A couple of these on the desks would be fun :)
Ombre paper

These hearts in red & white would be super cute!

felt hearts

red & white garland

After doing this for an entire year (if we actually keep it up) I'll have a lot of random party decor. Maybe I'll do a giveaway on the blog. Either that, or my craft room is gonna look BANANAS!

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