Friday, January 30, 2015

A Week of Pinterest Wins and Fails: Day 5

Lately I've been trying more DIYs to see just how well I can handle homesteading on my future farm. I still have my full time job and am not quite ready to pull back on the budget and simplify life, but it's fun to try different things like making my own cereal, granola, etc.

This next Pinterest craft is not true down-on-the-farm homesteading, but it's a tiny step in that direction.

Day 5: handmade soap!

Now here's where most folks will say "well you're not really making soap". So let's call it what it is - re-purposing products to create soap!

My mission for the future is to have a goat creamery on our farm. With all that milk, we plan to drink it, feed the chickens and pigs, make yogurt, cheese and soap! That soap will be made with a true soapmaking process.

For this project, I used the melt and pour stuff you can buy at the craft store. I also added some color, glitter and essential oils for scent. I followed the instructions on the packaging to melt the soap blocks. It's fairly simple, just cut it up and melt it in the microwave!

And I gotta say, it may not be true made-from-scratch soap, but it IS soap and I did make it by hand. It was also VERY easy and fun!

I ended up giving away all of my soaps as gifts. But I can't wait to make more. Next time, I plan to buy some goat's milk and try the cold process technique. For now, I'll just consider this a total win, because Pinterest has several tutorials with ideas of color mixes and scents. And it really is just that easy.

Do you make your own soap? If so, what is your favorite recipe or tutorial?

Tomorrow, it's all about going granola!

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