{ About Me }

I'm an office worker by day and a crazy crafter by night.  I love photography and I try to incorporate it into my crafts as much as possible.  My favorite medium is polymer clay.  But recently, I've gone back to embroidery and felt.  I just love trying new things.  I tend to have crafting A.D.D. and find it hard to dedicate myself to just one form of crafting, but I'm doing my best at narrowing down the field ;)

I live about 20 minutes north of Seattle, WA. I absolutely love this place! Don't believe everything you see in the movies, etc -- it doesn't rain ALL the time. Besides, if it didn't rain we wouldn't have all this lovely green!  I did escape for a couple years when I moved to Maui, Hawaii. It was just too dang hot for me! I'm much more of a "mild-temp" kinda gal.

I work in the mortgage industry as my 9-5. It's still a failing industry, so I try to balance the crazy with my crafts! Although lately, I haven't had much time for crafting. I joined a new gym and got myself a personal trainer. So most evenings you'll find me workin' on my fitness!

My roommates are:
Katie - my big Chow Chow/Lab mutt

Ui - the little diva Chihuahua mix. She's my mom's dog :)

Greg - aka "boypiece" aka "BP"- he's a Spaniard with a British accent

I also have an old kitty, Charlie aka "Chuck"
But he lives with my other family...he gets to roam free there!
I visit as often as I can. He likes to drool and purr...he's 19!
(update, Old man, Chuck passed away late in 2011. He will be dearly missed!)

You'll find a lot of posts about these guys!  I also live with my mom (my niece used to live with us, too. She went off to college in 2011!)

I hope you like what you find here on my blog.  It's mostly related to my crafting and selling with a dash of my own silly day-to-day stuff!

If you are a fellow crafter/artist and would like to be featured in an upcoming blog post, drop me a line!

~ Tsuki

P.S. Here is a list of all the places online you can find me and my work (what a big wide web we've got!)

Craft Stuff:
Photography Stuff:

And here are a few posts that will help you get to know me a little better :)

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