Monday, February 27, 2012

Crafty Blitz Challenge

I'm trying something different for this Crafty Challenge. It's been a while and I wanted to make it a little more interesting. Instead of a theme, this Crafty Challenge will offer specific designs and materials to be used. It is also a BLITZ! That means the deadline for entries will be incredibly quick!

Everyone is welcome to join matter your crafting abilities! The challenge, should you choose to accept it, is detailed below :) Good luck!

This Crafty Blitz challenges you to use the minimums from each list below! Using these items, you can create any theme for your project. 

Choose at least 2 of these materials:
  • canvas
  • fabric
  • wood
  • felt
  • paper
  • paint chip card

Choose at least 2 of these crafty trends:
  • bunting
  • "put a bird on it"
  • deer
  • fox
  • mustache
  • ombre
  • chevron

Choose at least 1 of these colors combos:
  • yellow + gray
  • mustard + hot pink
  • tangerine + turquoise
  • coral + green

Choose at least 2 of these patterns:
  • map page
  • plaid
  • floral
  • geometric
  • color block
  • damask

Choose at least 2 of these extras:
  • buttons
  • moss
  • twigs
  • string
  • ribbon
  • beads

The challenge starts today and will end this Thursday at 9am PST! That gives you only 72 hours to complete it -- YIKES! On Thursday, I will post a linky tool so you can add a link to your finished project and share it with everyone. 

This is meant for fun, so get creative, get crafting, and have a blast!
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