Friday, February 10, 2012

Fit Friday


It has been a couple weeks since the boypiece and I started with the personal trainer at our gym. And it's been pretty fabulous! Painful; but fabulous!

I'm doing great with the exercising, although my asthma still gives me trouble with the cardio. I use an inhaler prior to going to the gym but it's still not 100% effective. My lungs are definitely burning just a few minutes into it.

This week, I'm finally focusing on eating better. I can't seem to force myself to eat breakfast, it's just too early! So I've traded my morning cup of coffee for a SlimFast shake. I compared it with the other shakes on the shelves, and although it doesn't taste as good as the SpecialK shakes, it seems to be the healthier choice.

Next week, we sign up for a 6 week training package :)


  1. i joined the gym and got a trainer too - working my ass off - 3 hours min at gym them work out at home - lost NOTHING (weight gain due to meds) - anyway turns out i don't eat enough - HUH?! i know right! - every 3 hours should get some protein in - dont know HOW in the world i'll do - but i'm trying!

  2. oh man that's a lot! I do a 45 minute routine 4-6 days a week.

    Last time I trained, I found out my thyroid was way off which was why i wasn't really losing weight

    I'm drinking protein shakes and eating protein bars. Also trying to add more tuna into my diet. It's hard!


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