Thursday, March 8, 2012

6 Products To Liven Up Your Office Space

Can't find your red stapler? Don't sweat it! Here are 6 other fabulous items for your cubicle. They'll make you forget about that silly stapler!

My current office space is not a cubicle, but it will be in just a few short months! So I'm slowly accumulating fun office supplies and decor to make that cubbie less claustrophobic and bland!

How do you dress up your desk?


  1. The manual paper shredder is awesome, as well as those gum magnets while also kinda gross lol! I love those Japanese erasers shaped like foods, and I use vintage tins and glazed flowerpots to hold my scissors, pencils, etc. I can't wait till our house guest moves out so I can finally photograph the craft room!

  2. yetis! and anything else rose is too scared to steal (like rubber finger tips).

    dont' leeeave meeee i will missss yooou!

  3. the capcha i just got was "firenut"

    i thought you'd want to know.

  4. @Chase, maybe you should take a pic WITH the house guest still in the room. A testament to just how crafty you can be to work around a live body ;)

    @Kelli -- I not-so-secretly wish I could program the captcha words just to throw you off!

    and I'll be stealing some rubber fingers


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