Friday, May 18, 2012

Campfire Days

Some of my favorite parts about summer are the outdoor bonfires and camping

{to the woods on Etsy}

The best parts about camping are the open night skies and the s'mores!

{s'more charm in my shop}

The best part about s'mores is that you don't have to be camping to enjoy them!

I stumbled upon a local waterfront restaurant that actually has s'mores on the menu. So adorable! Super yummy!

Do you love s'mores?

P.s. check out the treasury on top to find a super adorable felt s'more!


  1. I LOVE s'mores!! I have to make sure the marshmallow is burnt to a crisp, and double the chocolate!!

    1. haha yeah I always try to get them nice and golden but it never seems to work! the inside gets mushy then i give up and burn it!


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