Monday, May 7, 2012

Easing Back In To It

Sunshine sure makes everything a little better, huh? Today is gorgeous. This past weekend was the same.

The boypiece and I went to the Everett Marina. We had fully intended to hop on a small ferry to the ever-so-quiet Jetty Island. But I suppose the season is starting late as the island was closed. *sad trombone*

some dude feeding the gulls

So we set up our backpack beach chairs and sat on the docks. We read on our Kindles while listening to the gulls, watching the hawks, and smelling the aroma of the harbor, the spring air, and the diesel of the idling boats nearby (*choke*cough*spurt*). It was fabulous!

We walked throughout the marina and admired the old shipwreck, still waiting to be repaired. While we were oohing and ahhing over the old wood and rusty screws, we spotted a sweet, feral kitty sunning itself on the planks. He wouldn't come any closer. But his cute calico face was obviously enjoying the warmth of the sun. The boypiece wouldn't let me trespass any further to try to say hi. Probably a good idea.

After relaxing for a couple of hours, we went nearby to Anthony's Homeport to enjoy some fresh, steamed clams, calamari and a cold one. Afterall, it was Cinco de Mayo, I'm supposed to be drinking, right? =P

On Sunday, we headed up to visit Grandpa who had finally made it home from Arizona. He isn't looking well and is really struggling with chest pain from excessive coughing. I felt pretty helpless just watching him breathe with the help of his new Oxygen tank.

He didn't look comfortable at all. And that was even more apparent when he would try to get up from his recliner. So my mom and I decided we'd search for one of those fancy electronic lift recliners so he wouldn't have to struggle with that anymore. Within just a few hours, we had one delivered and Grandpa could get up and down as much as he wanted! That was a nice little relief.

On the way home from our visit, we stopped by my Uncle's new home. He lives on a ranch with his new wife. She breeds horses with her stud. I can't remember his name but he sure was a goofball! His favorite thing was to twirl a pair of old Levi's. Except when he twirled them, he'd kept hitting his shins. So he'd twirl and dance backward trying to avoid them. Silly horse. I couldn't resist taking a quick video. You can check it out below! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and are getting some lovely weather, too!


  1. I wasn't well enough to go out in this weekend's sunshine (I'm also in the Seattle area), but it sure lifted my spirits to see it through the window! Great gull photos!

    1. thank you! they were so close because the man was feeding them french fries! i was afraid I was gonna get pooped on!

  2. your photos are amazing! where - in which program do you photoshop them? or am i asking too much...? :)
    have a great day,

  3. Funny video!! Thanks for sharing!

    1. :) isn't it great? I've never seen a horse do that!

  4. Those gull photos are gorgeous! They look like paintings. :)

    Sorry to hear about your grandfather's troubles, but you must feel good that you were able to help him, even a little. I remember my grandpa had one of those chairs too - not for his lungs but because his legs made it difficult to stand and sit.

    Have a great week!

    1. thank you! They are definitely handy chairs. We found the one we gave him for under $100 on craigslist! Sometimes that site really does help!


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