Friday, May 25, 2012

Tasty Spam

I'm not sure why, but the spammers appear to have a few favorite posts on my blog. These are the only posts where they seem to leave their spam. And it always has a mixture of crazy links and Russian.

So I figure, if the spammers love it so much, maybe you will, too! In honor of my lovely spammers (whose messages I delete 3-4 days per week), here are my Top Spam Luvin' posts!

1. Otter Luv - dedicated to the cutest, furry critters in water! Who knew they were lovers of evil internet spam?!

2.  And the Beat Goes On - Not sure why they love to leave spam here. Maybe they're local Seattle folks who miss the grunge era?

3. Halloween at the Office: CSI - Well this is one of my favorites, too! I loved putting together the "crime scene" at the office. Back in the good ol' days where we weren't overworked and crying at our desks!

4. Welcome to the Deep End My Friend - Charlie Sheen and the dog. Russian spam and Charlie Sheen kind of go hand-in-hand, don'cha think? (By the way, I still have a few of these books and they still make me giggle!)

That's it! Those are the top spammed posts! How fabulous, eh? :) I suppose I should be flattered that spammers think my blog is popular enough to warrant their attention.

Hope you all have a fabulous, spam-free Memorial Day weekend!

P.s. I wonder how many spam messages will be on this post?!

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