Sunday, June 10, 2012

Country Cattails

I'm not sure why I love cattails so much. When you find a bunch of them, it's usually in a swampy area, so the smell isn't so great. But I just love the when they stop looking like corn dogs on a long stick and start turning into white, cotton-like tufts.

Yesterday, I happened upon a couple of swampy fields full of cattails. It was a pretty awesome sight. I didn't have my regular camera so the widest angles don't quite show you the massive size of these fields. But you can get a pretty good idea of just how many cattails there were.

One tip, although they look like corn dogs or a toasted Twinkie, you don't want to take a bite! Look but don't eat! ;)

om nom noms


  1. Funny you should say "dont eat". Most parts of the cattail are actually edible during the right season. Some part of it is edible during any season =)

    1. oh that's hilarious! Since you posted this, I googled recipes for cattail. seems like a long process for some of them just to get to the good stuff. but good to know, nonetheless!


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