Monday, June 11, 2012

Father's Day Shopping Adventure

I like nature hikes and bike riding and being outdoors. I am not, however, an outdoor sports enthusiast. I like to fish but I don't own my own gear. I like camping in KOA "Kabins" but not roughing it in a tent! I don't think there's anything wrong with hunting if you're actually going to eat your catch, but you wouldn't find me shooting Bambi!

My stepdad is the type of man who enjoys these things. He fishes and hunts every chance he can get. So when I went shopping for Father's Day gifts at the new Cabela's store, it was a bit of a culture shock. It's a far cry from our local outdoor sports store - REI. Instead of preppy clothes, rock climbing gear and kayaks, Cabela's carries every kind of hunting rifle, bow, cammo gear and ATV accessories you could ever need!

Before I even set foot into the store, I came across this lovely display table for the NW Bow Hunting Association (can you spot the man?). That's when I knew this would be a shopping experience like no other!

Upon entering the store, I was greeted by this sign at the security booth. Good thing I left my assault rifle at home. It's too bulky for travel =P

I have to say, their camping section was full of everything you could ever want or need in the outdoors. They even had a great collection of outdoor cookware - all cast iron. Maybe one day....

I did end up finding myself overwhelmed in the fishing gear section. I just didn't think it was possible to fill 8 aisles full of just fishing lures! But they did it! And I found some wildlife near the hiking shoes.

Besides the Ted Nugent NRA-friendly slogan tees and Jeff Foxworthy beef jerky (what??) they carry every possible hunting/boating/camping-related kids' toy you could NEVER imagine! They also had a section for home decor, including these fancy faux-antler drawer pulls and knobs for your own log cabin home. How fancy.

If you don't like your boyfriend/husband spending all of his time watching T.V., he could dress up in his hunting cammo and kick back in this fabulous printed recliner. You won't even know he's there! (Tip for the men: you could also use this to hide out from that Honey-Do list!)

Throughout the store, the wildlife went from peaceful, to surprising...

look up! downright brutal! This zebra + lion attack was above the ladies changing room

All-in-all, it was a pretty interesting experience! But at least I finished my Father's Day shopping and I made it out alive!

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  1. We stop there on our way to visit my grandparents. That store is HUGE! Not much in there for me but it sure is an experience.

    1. quite an experience! You would definitely need a full day to see everything in that place!

  2. My husband LOVES that store!! Luckily we don't live close otherwise we'd be broke! Glad you made it out alive lol!

    1. haha thanks! I might go back once just to check out the camping section in more detail. But I think I'll bring the boypiece along in case I get attacked by a wild animal!


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